Student Comments on Service-Learning

Political Science Student:

"I found volunteering at the Rescue Mission a very rewarding experience. I had no idea how much the Rescue Mission does for the community. I do not feel like I did all that much to help out, but everyone I worked with was so grateful to have the help. I wish I could have done more"

Interdisciplinary Honors English Student:

"This experience strengthened my commitment to use my life to make a difference in my community."

English 103 student:

"We don't pay attention to older people's needs as much as we should. They were all happy to just see us. It helped me to understand that the littlest thing makes them happy - like visiting them or talking to them. The thing that needs to be changed is the gap between old and young. We look at each other and see stereotypes. I really enjoyed being with them during the time I spent at VanDuyn.

Excerpts from an English 103 student's Reflection page:

When I first found out that our English class would require us to do ten hours of community service, I thought to myself, "why is this important?"  Now that I have completed the community service, it is clear to me the importance of getting involved with the community. It has had a positive affect on my writing, and me as a person.

After volunteering for ten hours at Westside Manor, I found it easier to write about something I had recently experienced. I wrote one particular essay in which I had to describe my field site and also analyze it. "You can't miss the floor carpeting because it is red and stands out. Depending upon the time of day, you can smell either what was for lunch, or what is being prepared for dinner. Both of which are very warming scents." Participating in the activities and observing them helped me give vivid details, and paint a picture for my readers about what was really going on. Learning how to give good details helped make my writing a lot stronger over the semester.

Service Learning has had a positive impact on my life. I have learned how to go into a new environment and help new people. I learned that in order to be successful sometimes, you have to be willing to take a chance; you never know what may happen! This English course has not only  helped me strengthen my writing, but become a better person because I am able to get involved with my community, and make a difference, even if it's just making someone's day a little better.