Onondaga Community College / Disney College Program

Disney College Program for the Non-OCC Student

Disney College Program - Apply Online Flyer

Onondaga Community College (OCC) is offering you the opportunity to earn college credit while participating in the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts College Program. If your college or university does not offer credit or does not accept ACE (American Council on Education) credit, then Onondaga Community College may be your answer!

OCC requires that you register for twelve hours of credit including nine hours for the Disney Co-op internship and three hours for one of the following:

The twelve hours indicates that you are a full time student which satisfies financial aid requirements.

Be sure to contact your school advisor prior to registering to confirm that these credits will be transferable. We also recommend that you contact your financial aid counselor to discuss financial aid requirements and eligibility. If necessary, your financial aid office may contact OCC's financial aid office at 315 498-2291 or by emailing [email protected].


  1. You must have been accepted to participate in the Disney College Program.
  2. You must create an OCC Student User ID via WebAccess.
  3. Once your User ID is created, login to WebAccess and create a permanent password.
  4. Complete the online form and provide the following information:
    • Your full name
    • College or University where you are currently enrolled
    • Mailing address where course materials may be sent
    • The email address where we can send your registration information
  5. This form will be automatically submitted to Laura Mokrzycki at Onondaga Community College. Once received, Laura Mokrzycki will mail you the additional information you will need to register for the courses.
  6. Upon registration, Laura Mokrzycki will email you the outline of the two courses for which you have registered. Assignments and post-Disney experience requirements are listed.

* If at any time you have questions regarding this process, please contact Laura Mokrzycki at [email protected] or (315) 498-2759.

Tuition and Fees:

Please note that since Onondaga Community College is a community college, your tuition cost is determined by your residency status. Please view the tuition schedule and related payment information including residency documentation. 

Financial Aid:

As a reminder, if you are receiving financial aid of any kind, it is your responsibility to inquire about the impact that participation in the Disney College Program may have on your individual circumstance. Financial aid should be applied for through your home college or university and payment arrangements for tuition and fees must be made to OCC. For more information, contact your college or university. If your college or university has any questions, they may contact our Financial Aid office at (315) 498-2291.


Q. How will the credit transfer from OCC to my institution? How do I know if my college will accept the credit?
A. Each college or university determines whether or not they will accept credits. It is strongly recommended that you speak with an advisor from your school as to whether or not your school will grant acceptance of the OCC courses. Note: If you need a transcript in order to transfer credits, you can request an official transcript online using OCC WebAccess

Q. Is there a contact person available during my experience?
A. Yes, Laura Mokrzycki is the OCC contact person before, during and after your experience.

Q. Since this is 12 hours (full-time) it shouldn't impact financial aid. Is there a way that I can be sure of its continuance?
A. If you are receiving financial aid of any sort, it is your responsibility to inquire about the impact that participation in the Disney College Program may have on your individual circumstance.