A Few Study Nevers

  • Never just sit and listen in class.  No matter how well you understand the material when you hear it you will not be ready to take a test on it.  You need notes for reference later on.
  • Never assume that you can do without the notes you are missing if you have been absent from class.  You are setting yourself for a disaster when the next exam comes along if you figure you can just pick up what you need from the textbook or from a later lecture.
  • Never your entire notebook to another student.  If you want to share your notes with someone - copy it for them here on campus.  A student who needs those notes because they have missed some classes may ultimately decide to drop the course.  If they do that when they have your notebook you may never see them or your notebook again.
  • Never loan your textbook to a classmate for the very same reason.
  • Never read your textbook assignments while you are lying down.  No plot, no characters, no action…zzzzzzzzzz.
  • Never save the hardest assignments until the end of your study time.  If you're already tired when you start you'll never get it done.
  • Never fool yourself into thinking that you work best under pressure.  If you always wait until the last minute you limit your opportunity to proofread, edit and polish your work.  That means you may not even know what you best work looks like.  You are really just waiting for the pressure to get you going.
  • Never fool yourself into thinking that poor results on an exam or assignment can be easily made up as the semester goes along.  If you don't do well you need to really change your approach.  Talk to your professor; find a study partner; look into getting help in one of the tutoring centers.  If you ignore the problem and just continue along the same path you will continue to get the same results!