Mission + Goals


SQ is a learning experience that helps students and employees “explore, discover and transform.”  SQ participants will value diversity, embrace the principles of community, and engage in lifelong personal growth as evidenced in their professional and private lives.  The culture of Onondaga will be transformed as a result of our immersion of employees and students alike in StrengthsQuest.

Overarching Goal

All matriculated students and employees will complete the SQ instrument, participate in a minimum 3 hours of SQ training, and engage in sustained and meaningful SQ-related conversations with Onondaga community members and others.

Intermediate Goals

All employees of Onondaga will benefit from the SQ assessment, training and discussions. The SQ Core Committee will:

  • Help identify applications of this experience for constituents of Onondaga and share those with the campus community
  • Assist departments in formulating annual goals to infuse SQ into their individual operations and to encourage related collaborative ventures
  • Work with the college administration to build the initiative into the college’s Strategic Plan, thus supporting the college credo. The Onondaga 2008-09 and future operating budgets will include funds for SQ expansion
  • Annually assess campus needs/interests and then expand training and interactive opportunities for employees and faculty for use within our community