Be Green

If you are interested in becoming green there are many different ways you can do this both at work and in your personal life. 

Become a Green Suite

Many suites across campus are choosing to become green suites.  Becoming a green suite involves committing to change certain practices to help reduce the carbon footprint of the suite.  Below is a listing of the practices and the rationale behind each.  If you have any questions or would like to hear from a suite who has become green please contact Sean Vormwald at [email protected]  or x2847

Green suite guidelines 

Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles

Get a reusable water bottle and help support the student led, and College supported, petition to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles on campus.  Reusable water bottles can be purchased from the Whole Earth Club at various times through out the year.   

Ride the Bus

Help reduce emissions and green house gases and take public transportation.  Employees are eligible for reduced rates on Centro buses.  More info

Get Involved

Various yearly events to bring awareness to sustainability are held at the College.  If you would like to become involved please contact the individuals below: