Protect Yourself

Protect yourself by being aware of suspicious activities such as:

  • someone who follows you for no apparent reason
  • a stranger who sits, stands or walks unnecessarily close
  • a date who continues sexual advances, even after you have clearly said no
What To Do
  • take your instincts seriously
  • if approached, speak loudly and firmly, clearly tell the person to stay away from you, make a scene!
  • if the above does not deter the individual – shout for help!
Victims: What to do if you are attacked
  • if you are attacked and the attacker is armed – stay alive – do not resist if it will cause bodily harm or death
  • go directly to a hospital or rape crisis center – rape victims need medical attention immediately
  • do not clean yourself or pick up the area of the crime
  • if on campus, call 2311 (315) 498-2311 and report the attack; help will come to you immediately