Sexual Offenses: Policy & Prevention

Sexual Assault Prevention

Onondaga Community College has programs and policies in place to protect all members of the Onondaga Community College community from sexual assault, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, including programs for prevention and prosecution of these crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of Onondaga Community College and to assist others who have been victimized outside the jurisdiction of the College.

If you believe you have been a victim of a sexual offense or misconduct, you should seek immediate assistance and do the following:

  • Get to a safe place as soon as you can.
  • If necessary, obtain medical treatment.
  • Try to preserve all physical evidence if possible. Do not bathe, douche or change your clothes.
  • If you are on campus, immediately contact the nearest College official or contact Campus Safety and Security from any '"Blue Light Call24” system. Or, dial extension 2311 from any campus phone or call (315) 498-2311 from a private telephone.
  • Assaults, sexual or otherwise, are crimes; they are not the fault of the victim. Any student who is the victim of a sexual offense or misconduct is encouraged to consider all appropriate avenues for legal action and has the right to pursue adjudication through the criminal courts or the College's internal disciplinary process. Campus Safety and Security officers are trained to assist with the prosecution in both systems.
  • If you decide not to report the incident to campus or local authorities, it is important to consider confidential assistance of medical, counseling and student service professionals.
  • Sexual Assault & Violence Reponse (SAVR) Resources

Important Phone Numbers

Campus Emergency (315) 498-2311 x2311
Vera House (24 hour crisis hotline)


(individual counseling)

 Counseling Center 315-498-2675 x2675

Disciplinary Action

Where there is probable cause to believe the College's regulations prohibiting sexual misconduct have been violated, the College will pursue strong disciplinary action through its own channels. An individual charged with sexual misconduct may be subject to College disciplinary procedures whether or not prosecution under New York state criminal statutes is pending. The College will make every effort to be responsive and sensitive to the victims of these serious crimes. Protection of the victim and prevention of continued trauma is the College's priority. Assistance for any person or academic concerns will be reviewed and options provided.

Sexual Offenders

The College is required by New York State to provide a link to the State Sexual Offenders Registry,