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Parking at the College is free of charge. Open parking lots are provided for students and can be identified on the campus map. All vehicles must be registered. Parking permits can be obtained at the Enterprise Services Office in the SRC Arena and must be visibly displayed.  Permit stickers are to be placed in the rear passenger window of the driver's side of the vehicle.  Temporary permit cards must be placed on the dashboard on the driver's side and be visible.

Visitors will find special parking areas provided, and should obtain passes from Campus Security.

Disabled Parking

Persons wishing to park in disabled-only parking zones must display approved hang tags from municipal or state authorities.

All illegally parked vehicles (such as vehicles parked in fire lanes, handicapped areas without sticker and handicap permit, or traffic lanes, and vehicles that block the movement of another vehicle, or vehicles parked in official or reserved spaces, etc.) will be ticketed and / or towed without notice at the owner’s expense.

Permits for temporary permission to park in disabled-only parking spaces may be obtained by contacting Campus Safety. Accessible building entrances are designated on a campus map.