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Allen, WendyAcademic Affairs Director Academic Services WhitneyW106 (315)498- 7270 [email protected]link
Cantor-Feller, Meredith Academic Affairs Photo Coordinator WhitneyW252 (315)498- 2757 [email protected]link
Fassinger, ErinAcademic Affairs Curriculum Coordinator WhitneyW106E (315)498- 2198 [email protected]link
Granato, ChristinaAcademic Affairs Dean Health & Community ServiceWhitney W106A (315)498- 2365 [email protected]link
Kenny, PatrickAcademic Affairs DeanWhitneyW106B (315)498- 2944 [email protected]link
Malagisi, MariaAcademic Affairs Volunteer CoordinatorCoulterC212 (315)498- 7207 [email protected]link
Rumrill-Teece, KatharineAcademic Affairs Dean Humanities / Social ScienceWhitneyW104B (315)498- 2618 [email protected]link
Ryan, DanielAcademic Affairs Director 1st Yr. ExperienceFerranteF262B (315)498- 2803 [email protected]link
Sakran, JulieAcademic Affairs Typist IIWhitneyW106 (315)498- 2594 [email protected]link
Spensieri, KatherineAcademic Affairs Health Compliance Officer FerranteF119 (315)498- 2539 [email protected]link
Turk, LindsayAcademic Affairs Assistant to Provost WhitneyW104A (315)498- 2923 [email protected]link
Willis, DariaAcademic Affairs Provost & Sr. Vice PresidentWhitneyW104C (315)498- 2923 [email protected]link