World Languages - Resources at Onondaga

Your success in this class depends on your effort to:

  • Take a class that better matches your level of proficiency in the language (see  placement policy).
  • Be in class all of the time and for the entire class time.
  • Take full responsibility over your learning experience.
  • Actively, independently and enthusiastically engage in the learning process.
  • Make positive and enriching contributions to the class.
  • Be organized and pay attention to detail.
  • Consistently do assigned homework and study: Practice the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Drill yourself. Turn in homework on time.
  • Perform well on tests and other assessment tools.
  • Participate in cooperative learning opportunities.
  • Celebrate every small progress you make (don’t be hard on yourself).
  • Be respectful of the language and cultures being learned.
  • Be respectful of all classmates and of your instructor.
  • Get help in a timely manner from any of the Resources below.


  • Your Textbook: Use it to review material.
  • Your Professor: Stop by his/her office during office hours, or make an appointment.
  • Peer Study Groups: Start your own or ask your instructor for assistance.
  • Blackboard: Learning Management Suite of tools.
  • Computer Lab: Academic Computing Center, Helpdesk, Internet Cafes.
  • Coulter Library: Course materials are on reserve in the Media counter. Books, movies and other are also available at the Library.
  • Content Tutoring Center: You do not need a referral and the service is free of charge.
  • Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR): If you require special accommodations for this class, visit the OAR in Gordon Student. In addition, please see your professor to discuss your individual circumstance concerning this course.
  • Study Skills Center: Learning Strategies Assistance.
  • Writing Skills Center: Daytime, night-time and online tutoring.

Please visit Support Services for more information regarding the above resources.