Guide to My Files


On-campus Access...

Launch My Files
On-Campus - Windows Internet Explorer Only

If the button does not launch when your on-campus, please manually enter into your browser the following address:


Off-campus Access... see more information below

  • Simply type into your web browser's address bar, using the same username you use to connect to the College network.

What it is...

As a student you receive up to 500MB of space on the College network for saving files.  This appears as your H: drive when you log on to your account.  You can get to your files from both on-campus and off-.  You must use Windows Internet Explorer when accessing your H: drive via this website from on-campus.  You also need to use Internet Explorer off-campus if you want to save a file to your H: drive.

Please make sure you are aware of the College's policy toward Peer to Peer file sharing.

When it's available...

24/7 except during scheduled network maintenance and rare outages.

How to use it...

On-Campus Use of My Files

Using My Files on campus is easy.  Once you're logged on to the College network, your file space appears as your H: drive.  Just store your files there and they'll be available to you any time you're connected to the network - whether you're on-campus or off-. 

You must use Internet Explorer as your web browser to link to My Files on-campus from this website. 

Off-Campus Use of My Files
Logging In

Simply type into your web browser's address bar, using the same username that you use to log into the College network.

Saving a File

Here's how to save a file to your H: drive from off-campus after you've logged in:

  1. You must use the Internet Explorer web browser to save a file from off-campus.
  2. Save the file to your desktop.
  3. Drag and drop the file from your desktop to the H: drive in your Internet Explorer window.

Whom to contact...

The Helpdesk
Phone (315) 498-2999
Location Academic Computing Center,
Coulter Library, Room 214