VIII. Academic Standing

The Office of Registration and Records reviews a student’s academic record when a student is matriculated into a degree program, has attempted 12 credit hours and includes all coursework, including non-credit equivalent courses. 

A. Good Academic Standing

A matriculated student is in good academic standing when he/she meets the minimum satisfactory cumulative index described below: 

B. Academic Probation

A student whose cumulative index is unsatisfactory at the time of review will be placed on academic probation. 

Credits attempted (including equivalent credit)    

Minimum Cumulative Index

0 - 17 credits 1.5
18 - 30 1.7
31 - 40 1.8
41+ 2.0


Non-credit equivalent grades are calculated as follows:  


 Equivalent/Non-Credit Points* 

 S, SA, SA-, SB+, SB   2.0 
 U   0
* These points are used for academic standing purposes only. They are NOT calculated in the official college cumulative GPA or program GPA (GPA2) and are not reflected on the transcript 


NOTE: Students must have a program GPA (GPA2) of 2.0 or higher to earn a degree from Onondaga Community College. A student on academic probation will be limited to 12-13 credits in order to support academic success. In addition, a student on academic probation may be required to meet with and academic advisor/counselor to develop an academic success plan.

C. Extended Probation

A student on Academic Probation who subsequently attains a semester index of at least 2.0, but who still has an unsatisfactory cumulative index, will be granted extended probation. A student on Extended Probation who continues to attain at least a 2.0 semester index, but still has an unsatisfactory cumulative index, will remain on Extended Probation.

D. Academic Dismissal

A student on academic probation who subsequently fails to achieve the required minimum cumulative index (see chart in VII.B) and does not meet the terms of extended probation will be subject to academic dismissal at the next review.  A student who is academically dismissed must remain out of the college for at least one semester (summer does not apply) and will then be allowed to apply for reinstatement.  

A student, who is reinstated on probation, after dismissal, must achieve at least a 2.0 semester GPA in each subsequent semester in order to remain on probation until a cumulative index of 2.0 is achieved.  A student who is dismissed a second time must remain out of the college for one academic year. Reinstatement will follow the guidelines stipulated below.  

E. Reinstatement

The Academic Standing for all reinstated students is Academic Probation. All re-admitted/reinstated students will be subject to catalog and program requirements in effect in the semester of the readmission or reinstatement.  

NOTE: Reinstatement to matriculated status does not automatically reinstate eligibility for Financial Aid. Students must also meet any academic standing or academic progress requirements articulated by individual financial aid programs. Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Financial Aid office.  

F. Academic Achievement

Students who are matriculated in a credit degree/certificate program and complete twelve or more credit hours in a semester, may, according to their grade point average (GPA), be recognized for academic achievement as follows:

  • Provost’s List 3.40 – 3.69
  • President’s List 3.70 – 4.0

Part time students will be eligible for Provost’s List and President’s List based on their cumulative GPA after completing a minimum of 15 credit hours; and subsequently, after completing 30 credit hours and again after completing 45 credit hours.