III. Registration


A. Registration

Registration occurs prior to the start of the semester. 

B. Add/Section Changes

Courses may be added or sections of the same course may be changed through the first seven calendar days of the semester.* Students adding a course after classes begin are responsible for all missed work but may not be penalized for absences which occur before they are registered for the course.

C. Audit

Audit status may be declared at the time of registration. Audit students must meet all course prerequisites and co-requisites, if applicable, or receive permission of instructor. Auditing a course means that the student enrolls and attends the class, but does not receive a grade or earn credit. Students who choose to audit will not be allowed to take the final exam. Mid-term and other coursework evaluation will be at the discretion of the instructor.  The "AU" designation will be awarded in the case of satisfactory attendance, as determined by the instructor.  A change from audit to credit status may not be made. Students may audit a course only one time.

D. Withdrawals

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must officially do so through the Registration system. Students must drop courses prior to the start of the semester to receive a full refund. The last day to drop and remove a class from the official transcript is the end of the third week of the semester. After the third week of the semester, drops are considered withdrawals and are recorded with a grade of “W” on the transcript. The last day to withdraw from a course is three weeks prior to the last day of classes. *(students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from courses.) A student will not be automatically dropped from a course for non-attendance.

Petitions to waive this academic rule are only considered when extenuating circumstances have made it impossible for the student to be able to withdraw by the deadline. Extenuating circumstances must be documented and provided with the petition.

E. Change to Audit Status

Students may elect to declare audit status instead of withdrawing. To declare audit status, the student must obtain the instructor's written approval. The final day to declare audit status is five weeks prior to the last day of classes. Once approved for change to audit status, the requirements of rule III.C above apply.