Writing Skills Tutoring

The Learning Center works on the premise that writers develop over the entire human lifespan, and all writers from student novices to practiced professionals can benefit from conversation with and advice from other writers. We can help anyone in the college community who is interested in becoming a more competent and confident writer. 

The Center is staffed by experienced writing tutors. We offer two types of writing help: in person, one-on-one tutoring and eTutoring. Our writing tutors can help you with any kind of written assignment. We can also help our ESOL students tackle their writing work.


One-on-One is the time-tested, tried-and-true approach in which one student meets with one tutor, usually for one hour per week.


eTutoring combines technology with convenience to provide help with writing.  Students have the option of uploading a paper for offline comments.

Students can upload a paper and receive a response from a writing tutor. Log in the WCOnline to learn more.