Residence Life Policies

Housing License Agreement

Term of the Agreement

The length of the Housing License Agreement is one full academic year, meaning we are expecting you to live in housing for both the fall and spring semesters.  If you vacate your room at any point before the end of the academic year, you are still financially responsible for the entire academic year's fees.

Financial Responsibility

Students who choose to leave OCC, residence life, or are removed from housing for any reason are still responsible for the fees for the academic year.  Students who change room types mid-semester will be charged a weekly prorated fee for each of the rooms they occupied.

Roommate Requests

Students can indicate a person(s) they would like to live with on the housing application.  We do our best to honor roommate requests; however, we are not always able to do so.  If you meet someone after the semester has begun that you would like to live with, we will try to move you into a space together.

Room Change Requests

Room Change Requests can be submitted to the RHD of your building.  The RHD will decide if and when we can change your room or if our residence life staff can help solve whatever may be causing your wish to move.  Questions about room changes should be directed to your RHD.

Meal Plan Changes

If you do not specify which meal plan you would like, you will automatically be assigned to the 12-meals per week meal plan for its associated cost.  If you would like to change your meal plan, you can do so during the first three weeks of the semester.  No refunds for meal plans will be issued after that point.

Who can enter your space

OCC respects student privacy but there may be times that a staff member needs to enter your space and can do so without warning or notice.  Typical staff members include Residence Life and Student Conduct, Campus Safety, Facilities, and other college staff members.

Additional Fees

In addition to meal plan and room charges, you will be charged an $80 programming fee for each semester.  If you cause any damage to your room or the residence halls, you will be charged corresponding fees.

Tuition and Fee Appeals

If you leave housing for any reason and wish to appeal your housing fees due to death, medical incapacitation, call to active military service, or extenuating life changes, you can submit a tuition and fee appeal online.  If you transfer or graduate from OCC after the fall semester and provide the supporting documentation, you will not be charged for the following spring semester housing and meal plan fees.