Guide to My Files


On-campus Access...

Launch My Files
On-Campus - Windows Internet Explorer Only

If the button does not launch when your on-campus, please manually enter into your browser the following address:


Off-campus Access... see more information below

  • Simply type into your web browser's address bar, using the same username you use to connect to the College network.

What it is...

As a student you receive up to 150MB of space on the College network for saving files.  This appears as your H: drive when you log on to your account.  You can get to your files from both on-campus and off-.  You must use Windows Internet Explorer when accessing your H: drive via this website from on-campus.  You also need to use Internet Explorer off-campus if you want to save a file to your H: drive.

Please make sure you are aware of the College's policy toward Peer to Peer file sharing.

When it's available...

24/7 except during scheduled network maintenance and rare outages.

How to use it...

On-Campus Use of My Files

Using My Files on campus is easy.  Once you're logged on to the College network, your file space appears as your H: drive.  Just store your files there and they'll be available to you any time you're connected to the network - whether you're on-campus or off-. 

You must use Internet Explorer as your web browser to link to My Files on-campus from this website. 

Off-Campus Use of My Files
IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) and IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) Users:

You need to turn on IE's "Compatibility Mode" in order to use WebAccess.

Logging In

Simply type into your web browser's address bar, using the same username that you use to log into the College network.

Saving a File

Here's how to save a file to your H: drive from off-campus after you've logged in:

  1. You must use the Internet Explorer web browser to save a file from off-campus.
  2. Save the file to your desktop.
  3. Drag and drop the file from your desktop to the H: drive in your Internet Explorer window.

Whom to contact...

The Helpdesk
Phone (315) 498-2999
Location Academic Computing Center,
Coulter Library, Room 214