• Are you looking for some ideas that will help to insure your academic success?
  • Are you determined to make the most of your college experience here at OCC? 
  • Are hoping to use your success at OCC as a stepping stone to further challenges at a transfer institution or in a career? 
  • Perhaps you were an unfocused student in high school and you are ready to be more serious about academics here at OCC.
  • If you've been away from school for awhile you may be looking for some refreshers on how to get back into a student role.

If any of these sounds like you, then you have found the right spot.  

This site is designed to offer a wide range of helpful hints that can put you on the road to academic success.  There is information here on getting off to a good start, managing your time, studying effectively, taking notes, reading textbooks, taking tests, and overcoming test anxiety.  If you would like to talk to someone more personally about your academic concerns and issues additional study skills support is available in the Study Skills Center.  You might also consider taking a course that focuses specifically on developing your college learning skills.  If so, register for RDG 153, College Learning Strategies or RDG 140, Health Science Reading and Study Strategies.