Go Green Printing

Please visit the Lazer Card office located in the SRC Arena Box Office for additional information.

    Green Printing Tips

    There are a number of steps that you can take to help with the sustainable print management initiative.

    • Think before you print! Ask yourself whether you really need to print something. Of course we all need to print certain documents, but we can also look for opportunities to save paper.
    • Print double sided. You can change the default settings on your printer for duplex (double sided) printing or manually print on both sides.
    • Change your margins to 0.7” or less. Fitting more on each page can reduce the number of pages you print.
    • Proofread on your screen. Instead of printing drafts, review your documents on your monitor.
    • Print only the pages you need. Don’t print the entire document if you only need a few pages.
    • Delete the clutter when printing website pages. You can use a free program like Aardvark ( http://karmatics.com/aardvark/) to delete unwanted advertisements or pictures when you’re printing web pages.
    • Send information electronically through emails and online forms.
    • Turn off your printer, computer, monitor, and other equipment at the end of the day. This helps save a significant amount of energy.
    • Recycle your paper. After you’re done with your paper, place it in the appropriate recycling containers instead of the trash.
    • Collect and reuse paper that's blank on one side. Reuse paper for drafts, internal memos, messages, and scrap paper.