Residence Halls

Onondaga is a residential campus!

Our state-of-the-art residence halls offer students the opportunity to affordably experience the benefits of on-campus living.  Students live in a single, double, or triple room in a traditional pod or suite style setting.

The Benefits of Living on Campus

More Free Time. Living in the residence halls is much more convenient than living off campus and gives you more time for your studies, relaxation and socializing.

Save Money. Living on campus, you are likely to pay less and receive more services than living in an apartment.

Make New Friends. You'll have fellow students as your roommates as well as many other students in your building to hang out with.

Personal Freedom. Experiencing independence and personal freedom is an important part of your college experience.

Communications Network. Each room in our Residence Halls is wired for computer networking and cable television.  Wireless access is also available.

Greater Academic Success. Studies have shown that resident students have consistently achieved higher grades than their nonresident counterparts.

Security. All of our Residence Halls are secured and are patrolled 24 hours/day seven day/week.

Active Social Life. It's so easy to participate in campus life as well as easily access all services and facilities when you live in the res halls.

Want to know more?

Please contact Residence Life .