Things to Consider:

Time Commitment 

It depends on what you are able to offer. There are many long-term options (like after-school programs) that are looking for reliable, consistent volunteers over a semester. 

There are also a variety of opportunities for short-term or one-time service (special events or working in soup kitchens).

Agencies recognize you are a student and are usually very flexible concerning time constraints.

There is something for everyone!  

How do I find the right service opportunity? 

To search for off campus agencies in need of volunteers or to find out about upcoming volunteer events, please login to or create an account on Purple Briefcase and indicate you are interested in volunteer opportunities. Search the volunteer opportunities posted on Purple Briefcase or make an appointment to work one-on-one with the  Assistant Director of Service-Learning to help you connect with a volunteer opportunity or service site that fits your interests, skills, experiences, and goals.