Mathematics Diagnostic Center

The Mathematics Diagnostic Center provides students with the opportunity to reduce the time needed to refresh their math skills. The program also includes assistance for students enrolled in mathematics courses and courses that require knowledge of mathematics. 

Referral To The Program

  • Students may be referred as a result of their OCC Math placement tests. Students may also obtain  review sheets for these placement exams.
  • Students may be referred by their instructor or a counselor.
  • Students who would like further evaluation of their math skills may make an appointment.

Students Who May Benefit

  • Students who place in a non-credit Arithmetic or Pre-Algebra course.
  • Students who are dissatisfied with the results of their placement test.
  • Students who are preparing for health related fields.
  • Students who are having difficulty in credit level mathematics courses.
  • Students who are having difficulty in courses that require problem solving skills.

Program Operation

Each student who makes an appointment will be evaluated by a trained Mathematics Diagnostician and will receive a prescription for success. This prescription will be based on the results of of the placement test in conjunction with more detailed testing and a personal interview.

Students may be referred to a math course, a special workshop, or given independent learning materials to refresh their math skills. Upon completion of the prescription, students will have improved their math skills and may be eligible to enroll in a higher level math course.

Program Location and Center Hours

The center is open approximately 48 weeks of the year. Additionally, an online version of the program is now available. It is listed as MAT 085 on the Open SUNY+. Please call the Math Diagnostic Center for registration details.

Morning, afternoon, and evening hours are available for the convenience of students. Since hours may vary, appointments are necessary.

Summer months are ideal for new students to begin their math review.

To make an appointment,  contact the Math Diagnostic Center. If the center is closed, you will be able to leave a voice message. Someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Review Packets

Review packets were developed for OCC students who are working with the Mathematics Diagnostics Program or who would like supplemental materials. Packets covering the following topics are available in the Math Diagnostic Center or online:

Trigonometry packets are available for students in Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses.

Packets containing application problems related to specific fields are available in the Math Diagnostic Center.

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Science

Review information is also available online at  Additional support materials are available at