Tele-Psychiatry/Workshops/Support Services


It is often difficult to access specialist mental health treatment at College. To address this, SUNY Upstate Medical University Department of Psychiatry is offering remote Tele-Psychiatry intervention to students at select SUNY campuses, including Onondaga Community College.  Tele-Psychiatry sessions will be done on campus, linking students to SUNY Upstate clinicians using a secure audio/video app.  Scheduled sessions offer the same service as in the SUNY Upstate provider's office, only done remotely on a laptop or iPad.

Workshops/Support Groups

Please contact the Counseling Center for the dates and times of the following workshops and on-campus support groups for the following areas:  

  • Relaxation Hour
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling Department Overview for English 103 classes


Do you have a specific topic you would like to see addressed with a support group (such as Depression/Anxiety, Substance Abuse/Recovery, Relationship Issues, Grief/Loss)? The Counseling Center welcomes your ideas and suggestions for groups. Please call or e-mail your suggestions to: [email protected] or call (315) 498-2675.


  • The Counseling Center now offers after-hours counseling support at (315) 498-2675 (nights, weekends and holidays)

  • In the case of emergency, call Campus Safety at (315) 498-2311 or dial 911 

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