Academic Standing

There are three academic standards that may affect your financial aid eligibility. These are:

1) Institutional Academic Standing

This requirement applies to all financial aid programs. Institutional standards for maintaining matriculated status are defined in the academic rules. A copy of the academic rules is available in the Onondaga Community College Catalog or in the Certification and Records office.

Students who lose matriculation are not considered to be in good standing in accordance with College policies. These students forfeit eligibility for all financial aid programs – institutional, state, and federal.  Information on reinstatement to matriculated status is available at Student Central or in the College’s academic rules.

2) Federal Student Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress:

This is a federally mandated standard that must be met by eligible recipients of Title IV (federal) financial aid – Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Student Loans, and Federal Direct PLUS. Onondaga's Federal SAP Policy

3) New York State Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

This is a state requirement for recipients of state student financial assistance (TAP, APTS, Child of Veteran, NYS Scholarships, etc.). New York State’s SAP Policy  

Additional Information

Both the federal government and the New York State Education Department have mandated that each institution adopt a measure of good academic standing and satisfactory progress to be applied to students who are receiving financial aid under their programs.  Onondaga Community College’s standards are established in accordance with the College’s academic rules.

The standards are quite complex and are not always parallel. Students should be aware that they may lose eligibility for one or more financial aid programs under any individual standard or a combination of standards, and that reinstatement under one standard does not necessarily mean that eligibility is restored under all standards.  Students should further understand that dropping or adding coursework may have impact on financial aid eligibility and should contact Financial Aid any time such changes are being considered.

We realize that this information can be difficult to understand. Please read the following carefully and contact the Financial Aid office at (315) 498-2291 or stop by Financial Aid at Student Central if you have questions.

You can appeal your Satisfactory Academic Progress by submitting a SAP Appeal Form. Please complete the application and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions.