Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is OpenSUNY ?

All online courses at Onondaga are taught via Blackboard hosted by OpenSUNY. This network combines resources to deliver courses across 40 of the 64 SUNY Colleges. However, all courses require registration and payment through the college that offers the courses (Onondaga in this instance).

Q: Is technical support available?

OpenSUNY has a student helpdesk that provides support 7 days a week. You can contact them by going to

Q: How do I register or add a course?

You must register for an online course through Onondaga in order to be officially enrolled in the course. And, you must pay Onondaga for the course.
You can register online through Register for Classes. Contact Student Central at (315) 498-2000 or email them at for registration related questions.

Important Information for students who attend other colleges:

  • You must adhere to your home campus policy regarding transfer credit approval.
  • Inform the Student Account's and the Office of Registration and Records and your advisor at your home College about the credits taken online through Onondaga as part of your semester workload.
  • If the online course through Onondaga will cause academic overload for you, get approval from your home college.
  • Before you enroll in an online course through Onondaga, check with your advisor to be sure it will transfer for credit.
  • Request that transcripts of grades from Onondaga be sent to your home college.

Q: How do I drop a course?

If you decide that you need to drop a course, you must complete that process through Onondaga! Non-attendance or asking OpenSUNY to remove your access does not constitute a drop or withdrawal process with the College. If you do not drop the course through Onondaga, you can receive a failing grade on your transcript. You must drop using WebAccess or you may contact Student Central at (315) 498-2000. You may also fax them at (315) 469-6775; please include your name and date, student ID number, your signature and the Course Title, code and section number. Example: MAT 151-001W, Statistics I, Fall 2015.

Q: How do I access my course?

Onondaga offers online courses through OpenSUNY. Once you have registered for the course through Onondaga, you will receive an email from Onondaga’s Instructional Design & Delivery Office providing directions on where and how to log in. If you have not received this information by the first week of classes, call them at (315) 498-2804 or email them at for directions. If you know you are registered and simply want to login, go to and be sure to read the login instructions.

Q: When can I access my course?

You can complete the OpenSUNY Student Orientation before the term begins. You will be able to enter the course 7 calendar days before the official start date of the semester; this early entry is called “Go Live”. The Go Live period allows students to enter the virtual course to look around, read through the course information documents (syllabus documents) and learn about the objectives, outcomes, learning activities, grading policies, and course schedule. Additionally, you are often able to enter the introductory module and participate in a few activities before the term begins. Find out what textbooks you need and order those early. If you are ordering them online, allow for shipping time! Go to our college bookstore online [ Onondaga’s Bookstore] to order your texts – you must know what section you are enrolled in.

Q: How much time will it take?

For a 3 credit course, budget enough hours each week to do the work: plan on 9-12 hrs/week for a 14 week course, 12-15 hrs/week for a 10 week course, and 15-20 hours/week for a 5 week course.

Q: How do I get course materials or purchase my textbooks?

Visit Onondaga’s Bookstore and select the semester you are registered in, then select the department, then the course, then the section number. You can then view the list of required textbooks. This information is available through the bookstore before you enter the virtual classroom, or you can read about it in the course information documents once you are in the course. Be sure to allow time for shipping!

Each course will have information on the textbooks and other required materials for that class (such as a graphing calculator, specific software, etc.)Warning: order books ahead so you have them when the class starts! Visit the Onondaga’s Bookstore now.

Q: What about course expectations and class attendance?

Onondaga’s online courses are developed by faculty who expect our students to be active learners and engaged in the class. Most online faculty expect you to log on and participate in learning activities at least three different days a week to read and reply to discussion postings, submit assignments, participate in small group activities, etc. Any college course (face to face or online) will require you to spend 9 -12 hours a week in a 3 credit course over a 14 week semester, including attendance, readings and assignments. You will also be expected to meet deadline dates set by the professor. While you can decide what days and what time to 'attend class', it is not self-paced or an independent study.

Q: What student services are available?

The  website provides resources and services specifically for current Onondaga students. There is information available to learn more about Onondaga's Financial Aid Office, Tuition/Fees, Certificate of Residency requirements, College Catalog, Onondaga's Academic Calendar, and other useful information to help you be successful in online courses and programs.