How Online Courses Work

Just like traditional classes, online classes involve interaction with your professor and with other students.  There will be readings, assignments, and learning activities that engage you with the content and with other learners; there will also be deadlines to meet. Online courses are not self paced, and often take more time than a face-to-face course due to the reading and typing in the virtual class (“discussions” require lots of typing and reading).

Depending on the course and the professor, you will likely have one or more textbooks and reading material.  The course might require papers, case studies and/or exams. There could be discussions, small group activities or simulations, experiments, and assignments that are completed offline.  You'll be guided through the course by your instructor, and given specific learning activities and deadlines. You'll be expected to take an active role in the learning process, and regularly contribute comments and questions to the discussions.  NOTE: Math and Science courses require a face-to-face proctored final exam. 

You’re never alone in the process.   What sets Onondaga apart from other institutions that offer online learning is our dedication to staying connected with you.  Whether you have a question for your instructor, require technical assistance, or just need advice on which course is right for you, we're happy to help.  Helpdesk staff, advisors, department staff and faculty are eager to help our students, regardless of where the classroom might be. Not sure if online courses are right for you?  Call Online Learning at (315) 498-2804 [email:]