Technical Requirements

  • Internet access through a high-speed broadband connection (ISDN, DSL, cable, FIOS) is highly recommended. Most online courses perform with a 56kbps modem, but more slowly.
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher.
  • System messages will be sent via your OCC Email account.  For information on your campus email account, please see the Guide to Email
  • Word processing software with the capability to save documents as a rich text file (rtf), Word document (doc and/or docx) and/or Portable Document Format (pdf).
  • A printer is recommended.
  • Other software or requirements will vary by course and will be determined by the professor.
  • Windows PC Requirements:
    Windows XP or higher, antivirus software, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Firefox Final Release Channel, or Google Chrome.
  • Macintosh Requirements:
    OS/X (10.3 or higher), antivirus software, Safari 6.0 or higher, Firefox Final Release Channel or Google Chrome.
  • For the most up-to-date list of requirements please view the following page: Open SUNY Online Course Browser Compatibility
  • Software:
    Onondaga’s online courses are taught in Blackboard Learn.  Some faculty require additional software, such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  Details are found in each course, along with other required materials such as textbooks, etc.

Students should already have these basic computer skills:

  • Word processing, including the ability to save files as a rich text file (rtf), Word document (doc and/or docx) and/or Portable Document Format (pdf).
  • Ability to use a mouse
  • Receiving and sending emails
  • Accessing and reading file attachments
  • Attaching documents to submit assignments
  • Downloading software
  • Navigate and search the Internet