Student Leadership

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA is a student government designed to honor and recognize outstanding members of the residence hall system, and to promote a higher quality and standard of involvement and interaction in the residence hall community.

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Members of RHA will be able to:

  • Provide solutions for concerns in residence life.
  • Promote ideas for creative programming. 
  • Become a leader in their community. 


  • Preside over General Body meetings and Executive Board meetings.
  • Oversee all projects that occur in RHA.
  • Hold weekly office hours.
  • Perform all other duties granted by the RHA Executive Board.

Vice President:

  • Act at President in their absence.
  • Perform duties of an executive board position if it is vacant.
  • Develop training for general body members.
  • Assign and oversee committees within RHA.
  • Hold weekly office hours.


  • Keep accurate minutes for each General Body meeting and send out within 24 hours of a meeting.
  • Maintain RHA Roster.
  • Hold bi-weekly office hours.
  • National Communications Coordinator (NCC)- NACURH


  • Responsible for all RHA accounts.
  • Maintain accurate records of income and expenses.
  • Draft RHA budget.
  • Chair Fundraising Committee.

Programming Coordinator:

  • Participate in Collaborative Programming board.
  • Collaborate with Hall representatives to organize RHA Programming
  • Collaborate with Treasurer to determine budgets for programming.

Students can serve on the following committee options:

  • Programming Committee
    • Organizes, collaborates and promotes RHA programming
  • The Hall Issues Committee
    • Discuss and try to solve any problems or issues concerning residence halls, including, but not limited to, college dining policies, hall renovations or enhancements, and Residence Life policies and procedures.

For more information about RHA, please reach out to the office of residence life at 315-498-2351 or speak with your RA or RHD.