Living Information


Your student ID is your official identification card through OCC. You must have this card on you at all times while you are on campus. It is also the only way you will be allowed into your residence hall and how you will be able to get signed into a different building.

Your LazerCard is also a debit card system that you can use to purchase books, food, and other goods on campus and in the community. You also put funds on your LazerCard to do your laundry in the buildings. There is laundry on the ground floor of your residence hall. You can add laundry funds to your LazerCard at student central of through your online student portal.

Mail and Packages:

Mail is delivered Monday through Friday and package pick up is 9pm-11pm.

The RA on duty will distribute packages after mail is sorted. Letters and envelopes are sorted in your mailbox each evening when the RA is on duty.


Onondaga Community College’s campus shuttle system is the LazerLine. The shuttle makes rounds on campus to all of the residence halls every 10-15 minutes. You can also download the Ride Systems LazerLine app on your phone to track the location of the shuttle at any time.

Health and Safety Checks:

It is the responsibility of all residents to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. To ensure that this standard is met, the Residence Life staff and/or facilities personnel will conduct routine inspections of suite or pod common areas and monthly health and safety inspections of each room, suite or pod.  Inspections will be conducted pursuant to a schedule published or posted by the Office of Residence Life. Residence Life and facilities personnel include, but are not limited to, professional members of the Residence Life Staff, Resident Assistants (RA’s), and repair/maintenance personnel.  Students do not need to be present for these inspections.