Move in Day Information

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Fall 2019 Move-In Day:

New Students can move in on Friday, August 23, 2019 starting at 8 AM (see table below)

Res Hall C: Time: Shapero Hall: Time:
3rd Floor Odds 8am - 9am 4th Floor Male 8am - 9am
1st Floor Evens 9am - 10am 2nd Floor 9am - 10am
2nd Floor Odds 10am - 11am 4th Floor Female 10am - 11am
1st Floor Odds 11am - 12pm 1st Floor 11am - 12pm
3rd Floor Evens 12pm - 1pm 3rd Floor Male 12pm - 1pm
2nd Floor Evens 1pm - 2pm 3rd Floor Female 1pm - 2pm

Returning Students can move in on Saturday, August 24, 2019 starting at 10 AM (see table below)

Res Hall B: Time: Res Hall C: Time:
3rd Floor Evens 10am - 11am 3rd Floor Odds 10am - 11am
1st Floor Evens 11am - 12pm 1st Floor Evens 11am - 12pm
2nd Floor Evens 12pm - 1pm 2nd Floor Odds 12pm - 1pm
1st Floor Odds 1pm - 2pm 1st Floor Odds 1pm - 2pm
3rd Floor Odds 2pm - 3pm 3rd Floor Evens 2pm - 3pm
2nd Floor Odds 3pm - 4pm 2nd Floor Evens 3pm - 4pm

Move-in Instructions: 

When you arrive on campus, you will be guided to your residence hall for check-in.  Once you arrive to your assigned residence hall, you will pull into the loop and unload your belongings. A check-in table will be located outside the building and staff will be available to you with your move-in day needs.

ALL STUDENTS, both new residents and returners, need to check-in with the hall staff prior to arriving at their rooms.

Things to Do Before You Arrive:

As you prepare your packing, please visit our website for details about what to bring and what not to bring. There are two lists, one for suite style (RB, RC) and one for traditional housing (Shapero Hall).

If you have not yet picked up your Student ID, you can visit the LazerCard office located in the Gordon Student Center.

Label ALL of your belongings with your name, building and room number, and your Student ID number.

Helpful Tips:

Student Central will be open Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. Please ensure that you have all of your financial aid, payment plans, and student information up-to-date by visiting Student Central (located in the Gordon Student Center). You can also sign a Records Release with a family member or support person, talk to an Enrollment Associate about your classes, and get your questions about OCC answered at Student Central.

RAs (Resident Assistants) are student leaders who live in the residence halls and are resources that students living in the residence halls can reach out to.

If you would like to change your furniture orientation or bunk/debunk your beds, please reach out to your RA who will contact a member of facilities. Facilities is planning on moving furniture for students throughout the first two weeks of classes, so please be patient as we work to accommodate your requests.

Students wishing to request a Housing Accommodation must do so through the Office of Accessibility Resources. Residence Life works with OAR to see what modifications we can make to encourage student success. 

Directions to Campus: 

Need directions to campus?  Please visit our website for more details and locate our residence halls on the campus map. 

If you are utilizing GPS or a mapping website (Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.) the physical addresses for each residence hall are as follows:

Building B: 165 OCC Drive South, Syracuse, NY 13215

Building C: 139 OCC Drive South, Syracuse, NY 13215

Shapero Hall: 4894 Onondaga Rd, Syracuse, NY 13215


If you have any questions about Move-in Day, please contact our office at 315-498-2351 or through email at [email protected]