Lazer Success

Lazer Success is a tool to keep up to date with your class performance and stay in touch with faculty and support staff.  Your Success Network can now be in touch with your professors and is there to help you when you are struggling or need direction.  Once you log in be sure to update your profile to make sure the correct contact information is there and to allow Lazer Success messages to go directly to your phone or another email address; messages will default to your OCC email address.

Sign in to Lazer Success

Need Help?

For Login and Technical Issues

Help Desk: [email protected] or 315-498-2999 or go to the Academic Computing Lab in C214

For Help using LaserSuccess

Learning Center: [email protected] or 315-498-2103 or or The Learning Center in G202


  • Know who is in here to help you succeed and how to contact them
  • See your course history and grades
  • “Raise your hand” and ask your professors and support staff questions from anywhere
  • Receive updates about your academic progress throughout the semester

What's a Flag?

Your professor sends a flag to you when there is some reason for concern.  Examples might be poor attendance, not having your course materials, or not participating in class.  This flag is also sent to the people in your Success Network so that they can help you resolve the issue and succeed in class.

What's a Kudo

The definition of a kudo is “a statement of praise or approval; accolade; compliment.”  When a professor sends you a Kudo they are sending a message about something that you did well that stands out to them.

What's a Referral?

Sometimes you need help from an area on campus that can help you in a more specialized way.  Your professor will send a Referral to let you know that you should go to that office to get some help.  For example, if your professor sees that you are struggling in class, they might refer you to the Learning Center to get some in-depth tutoring.