Crest for Policies

Policy C13
Policy Name: Enrollment of Minors
Responsibility for Maintenance: Enrollment Management


I. Policy Statement  

This policy governs individuals under the age of 18, who have not been awarded a high school diploma or its equivalent, and who are seeking to enroll in Onondaga Community College courses that carry credit hours and accumulate to the student’s permanent academic record.

II. Reason for Policy  

Onondaga Community College seeks to provide an appropriate learning environment for all students who take courses, whether on campus or at other sites where courses are regularly scheduled.  Accordingly, the College enrolls minors only in limited circumstances as described below.

III. Applicability of the Policy  

This policy applies to all employees, including faculty and staff, of Onondaga Community College and to all minors who have not earned a high school diploma or its equivalent and seek to enroll in courses offered for credit. 

IV. Related Documents

V. Contacts

Subject Office Name Title or Position Telephone Number Email
General Information Student Engagement & Learning Support Senior Vice President for Student Engagement & Learning Support (315) 498-2800  [email protected]

VI. Procedures  

Minors who have not earned a high school diploma or its equivalent may enroll as college students and attend college classes only when the following conditions are met:

  • The College President or designee (President) has determined that the student is able to benefit from the course(s) in which enrollment is sought.
  • The student has submitted a written recommendation for enrollment at the College from the Principal of student’s school of primary enrollment.  For home-schooled students, the written recommendation should be provided by the applicable school superintendent.
  • The student has submitted written consent to enroll at the College from his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s), including a release of liability for the College.
  • The student has demonstrated adequate academic preparation for the course(s) for which enrollment is soug