Crest for Policies

Policy B17

Policy Name: Institutional Compliance

Responsibility for Maintenance: Office of thePresident


Policy Statement

Onondaga Community College maintains an institutional compliance program to support the college’s mission, meet the requirements of external regulatory agencies and funders, and offer a system of quality control to improve institutional practices. All employees of the college and its affiliated organizations are responsible for maintaining compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations; adhering to all contractual commitments of the college and its affiliated organizations; and, observing generally understood principles of honesty and integrity in performing work on behalf of the college and/or its affiliated organizations.  

Reason for Policy

This policy is designed to foster a culture of compliance in which legal obligations and other external expectations are consistently met. 

Applicability of the Policy

All employees of the college and its affiliated organizations are expected to operate within the bounds of this policy. 

Related Documents

Institutional Compliance Calendar provides a detailed listing of current compliance obligations of the college.


 Subject Title or Position  Telephone Number  Email/URL 
Compliance Chief Financial Officer (315) 498-2268
Compliance Compliance Officer (315) 498-2742
Compliance Compliance Officer (315) 498-2692


  • The Chief Financial Officer has specific responsibility for establishing and monitoring a reporting mechanism through which members of the college community may make anonymous, confidential, good faith reports of suspected non-compliance with laws or other external obligations of the college. The Chief Financial Officer has further responsibility for investigating and resolving all reports submitted pursuant to college policy B16 Whistleblower Policy.
  • College Compliance Officers and the Chief Financial Officer will work together at the direction of the President to develop, operate, and monitor a compliance program, including investigation of any reports of non-compliance that may be received. The Board of Trustees Finance, Audit, and Compliance Committee will provide oversight to the compliance program and receive periodic reports on compliance activities and the resolution of any reports of non-compliance that may be received.
  • The Compliance Program will be coordinated through a Compliance Work Group drawn from across the college that will be responsible for monitoring adherence to compliance obligations, communicating expectations to staff members in their areas of responsibility, identifying training needs, and supporting the resolution of any concerns that come to the attention of the compliance program.
  • Employees of the college or its affiliated organizations are responsible for exercising diligence to remain informed about the laws and/or other external obligations associated with their assigned area of practice on behalf of the college; for advising their supervisors of any questions they may have related to compliance; and, for reporting in good faith any incident of suspected non-compliance to their supervisor, to a Compliance Officer, or to the Chief Financial Officer, including through an anonymous, confidential good faith reporting mechanism maintained to support the compliance program.
  • Existing college and affiliated organization employee discipline procedures will apply to violations of this policy.


Approved by the OCC Board of Trustees June 16, 2015