Policy B13
Policy Name: College Committees
Responsibility for Maintenance: Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research

I. Policy Statement  

All official College Committees shall be managed in accordance with the procedures set forth in this policy.

II. Reason for Policy  

As part of the Onondaga’s shared governance structure, official College Committees serve in an advisory capacity to the President, formally organizing and operating through the College Leadership Council. Together with the College Leadership Council, College Committees serve as cross-institutional advisory bodies that support planning, assessment and continuous improvement at Onondaga.

This policy is intended to ensure that the organization, operation and activities of College Committees are clear, consistent, and aligned with the College mission, vision, credo, and strategic goals. The policy is further intended to ensure that College Committees “tap the collective intelligence” of the campus community in the spirit of shared governance and support continuous improvement and innovation in the management and operation of the College.

III. Applicability of the Policy  

All College employees should be familiar with this policy.

IV. Related Documents  

  • New York State Education Law § 6603
  • New York State Education Department regulations, 8 NYCRR §§ 604.2(b)(2); 604.3(b)(5)
  • Onondaga Community College Statement on Shared Governance  
  • Overview of the College Leadership Council
  • College Committees Charges and Reports

V. Contacts  


Office Name

Title or


Telephone Number


College Committee Charges Membership, Reports

Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research

Chief Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research Officer

(315) 498-2800

[email protected]  

VI. Definitions  

College Committees: Official College Committees are cross-institutional advisory groups that are appointed by the President and report to the College Leadership Council. They are charged with fulfilling the purposes outlined in the Committee’s approved Charge and with performing one or more of the following activities: 1) conducting research, 2) developing or monitoring plans, recommendations, activities or reports; and/or 3) supporting the implementation of special projects or events within a specified period of time. All College Committees maintain and abide by a Committee Charges that has been reviewed by the College Leadership Council and approved by the President.

  • College Standing Committees: There are three Standing College Committees focused on Programs and Academic Support, Student Experience, and Institutional Effectiveness and Resources. The Committee charges for Standing College Committees are available on the College’s Intranet site.
  • Ad Hoc College Committees, College Task Forces, and College Strategic Work Groups are cross-institutional groups that are appointed by the President and report to the College Leadership Council to fulfill a specific role or accomplish a specific task or group of tasks expected to be completed within one year of the date that the Committee, Strategic Work Group, Task Force is formed.

Note: Although Faculty Senate Committees may choose to utilize similar processes and tools outlined in this policy, Faculty Committees fall outside of the scope of this policy. Faculty Committees are appointed by and report to the Faculty Senate to support the development of formal recommendations of the Faculty.

VII. Procedures  

Appointment: All College Committees are formally appointed by the College President on an annual basis. Committee Charges and membership for all College Committees are kept on file in Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research. At the first meeting of each academic year, College Committees review their Committee Charges and recommend necessary updates or modifications to the College Leadership Council for recommendation to the President.

Membership: Membership of College Committees is comprised of functional representatives (representatives recruited to serve based on their role at the College) and volunteer representatives recruited from across campus.

Management: All College Committees serve in an advisory role to the College Leadership Council. Each College Committee has a Committee Chair who facilitates committee member participation and communicates progress of the Committee. The work of College Committees will be managed by IPAR. Meeting times, locations, minutes, and reports will be posted on the College’s intranet site.

Recommendations: College Committees submit recommendations in writing to the College Leadership Council. The Council reviews and deliberates Committee recommendations and submits final recommendations to the President for consideration.

Reporting: Each College Committee submits a final report to the College Leadership Council and the College President on an annual basis.


Approved by the OCC Board of Trustees June 19, 2012