Crest for Policies 

Policy J7
Policy Name: Printer Policy
Responsibility for Maintenance: Information Technology

Date of Most Recent Changes: June 19, 2015

I.Policy Statement 

  • Printers, peripherals and related supplies are purchased and owned by the College.  OCC does not support personally owned equipment/devices, supplies or software.
  • OCC’s approach to printing whenever feasible is to fully utilize a network model. OCC has phased out the use of desktop printers. Network printers are generally centrally located and employees are expected to use the network printers located within their respective physical area.
  • Issues such as accessibility or printing of confidential documents should be evaluated within the department to consider what options might meet these needs. Many networked devices, including printers, copiers and multi-function units have secure printing capability.

II.Reason for Policy 

This policy is intended to represent a cost effective and sustainable approach toward campus wide printing and enable OCC to implement an annual replacement plan for printers.

III.Applicability of the Policy 

This policy applies to the networked printers purchased by OCC.


 Subject Office Name  Title or Position  Telephone Number  Email/URL 
 Printers Information Technology Chief Information Officer (315) 498-2183 
  Information Technology Director of Technology Support (315) 498-2880


Networkprinters: High capacity printers that handle frequent and/or large print jobs. These printers are usually centrally located in a department for use by several individuals and/or work groups. In most cases, these printers are purchased, supplied and maintained by IT. Network printers are generally replaced every 5-7 years. Departments are responsible for purchasing toner, paper and any other supplies.


  • IT specifies and provides a base model network printer to departments. If a department requests a different model with additional features, any additional expense must be justified and approved by the department head and the CIO.
  • Specialty Network Printers - printers that vary in scope and specification from the campus base network model. These printers must be justified, budgeted and purchased by the requesting department. In the case of specialty network printers, IT is involved in assisting the department with selecting the appropriate unit.
  • Purchase requests for printers must be reviewed and approved by IT.
  • The Campus Duplicating Office should be considered to address high volume print needs.

Information Technology is available to answer questions and assist in the selection of appropriate and cost effective printing solutions.

Approved by the President June 29, 2009

Updated and approved by the President January 31, 2011

Updated and approved by the President June 19, 2015