Policy I17 
Policy Name: Employment of Management/Confidential Employees
Responsibility for Maintenance: Human Resources

I. Policy Statement 

The College employs certain Management/Confidential employees, as defined by the New York Civil Service Law, to perform managerial and confidential functions.  These employees do not have academic rank, tenure, or continuing appointments.  The College greatly values its employment relationship with its Management/Confidential employees, who perform many important functions for the College.   

The employment relationship between the College and its Management/Confidential employees is “at will.”  That means that either Onondaga Community College or the Management/Confidential employees may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason.  Nothing in any manual, appointment letter, or any other document or statement, whether oral or written, should be construed to create or imply a continuing expectation of employment for a Management/Confidential employee.  There is no employment relationship between any Onondaga Community College employees and Onondaga County with regard to Management/Confidential Employees.   

II. Reason for Policy 

The College employs Management/Confidential employees to perform certain managerial and confidential functions for the College.  The College maintains this policy so that the terms of employment, and separation from employment, are clear for these Management/Confidential employees.     

III. Applicability of the Policy 

This policy applies to all Management/Confidential employees of Onondaga Community College as defined by the Civil Service Law.  Management/Confidential employees are also covered by all other College policies as may be applicable.  Employees who do not satisfy the definition of Management/Confidential employees are covered by other College policies that govern separation from employment as may be applicable. 

A current list of employees who serve in a Management/Confidential capacity, as defined by the Civil Service Law, is available from the Department of Human Resources. 

IV. Related Documents 

  • OCC Employee Handbook (available in the Office of Human Resources)
  • Benefits Summary for Management/Confidential Employees (available in the Office of Human Resources)

V. Contacts  

Subject Office Name Title or Position Telephone Number Email/URL
Questions regarding the policy Human Resources Vice President of Human Resources (315) 498-2516


 Approved by OCC Board of Trustees October 6, 2006