Policy I16 
Policy Name: Training and Development Policy
Responsibility for Maintenance: Human Resources 

Date of most recent changes: April 16, 2012

I. Policy Statement

The College supports the efforts of individual employees to undertake qualifying course work and training to improve their job-related skills and knowledge, subject to the controls and conditions established within this Training and Development Policy.  To the maximum extent possible, training resources are available through and within the institution.

II. Reason for Policy

Individual employees and their supervisors, department heads, and/or department chairs should demonstrate a commitment to continuous skill development through resources made available by the institution.  This is best accomplished through a joint effort to identify whether an employee’s current job responsibilities require training and development to improve skills and perform present job assignments or to remain current with innovations and emerging trends and developments in their field. 

III. Applicability of the Policy

Employees who are utilizing College resources for training and development are not subject to specific eligibility requirements other than the approval of the responsible Vice President.

Non-College Training Resources - The availability and use of non-College resources for training is subject to the following:

  1. Employee Eligibility Criteria

Employees normally must have one (1) year of continuous service immediately prior to beginning qualifying training through non-College resources.  Continuous service is the uninterrupted period of service from the date of original appointment to College service.

The following conditions will break continuous service, and when so broken, the employee will be considered a new employee if and when rehired due to voluntary resignation, retirement, layoff, or discharge.  The following conditions shall be deducted from, but will not break, continuous service: time away from work for either (a) leaves of absence without pay or (b) disciplinary suspension for just cause in any twelve (12) month period. 

Employees must be working half-time or more in a permanent budget line position and meet the continuous service requirement to be eligible for reimbursement.  For example, half-time or more for faculty shall mean a teaching load of at least 7.5 net contact hours per semester. 

Employees working less than half-time or on unpaid leave of absence and/or employees on full-time paid leave are ineligible to use non-College training resources to be paid for by the College. 

Notwithstanding the employee eligibility criteria stated in the preceding paragraphs, the functional Vice President, in her/his sole and sound discretion because operations so require, may authorize employees who do not meet these criteria to undergo training and development pursuant to this policy.

  1. Qualifying Course Work 

Training/coursework through non-College resources must meet one of the following criteria to be paid for by the College:

  • Training/coursework required by either New York State or by law, rule, or regulation to maintain employment status or job; or
  • Training/coursework that directly supports or improves skills required for current job assignments, duties, or responsibilities 
  • Approved Non-College Training Resources 

The policy is primarily intended to support training/development undertaken within New York.  The institution offering the training/development must meet academic standards as defined by NYS or US Education Departments.  Qualifying training/development offered by non-profit private or college/university affiliated consulting groups or by nationally recognized professional associations and their state or local chapters are also approved.


Subject Office Name Title or Position Telephone Number Email/URL
Questions regarding the policy Human Resources   Assistant Director, Human Resources, Training and Development (315) 498-2587   [email protected]


In the event existing College resources cannot meet identified training needs, the College may authorize the use of non-College training resources to be paid for by the College subject to (a) availability of funding and (b) prior approval by the supervisor, department head, and/or department chair by means of the Travel and Training Authorization Form. 

VI.Forms/Online Processes

Approved by President May 23, 2006

Update and approved by the President April 16, 2012