Policy I15 
Policy Name: Classification and Compensation Policy
Responsibility for Maintenance: Human Resources 

Date of most recent changes: April 14, 2014

I. Policy Statement

Positions are classified based on job duties needed to properly conduct business, minimum qualifications, and training or experience required for each position. Employees classifications include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following categories: (1) Professional Service titles, such as management-confidential, faculty and professional administrator titles; (2) Classified Service: staff titles; and (3) temporary titles.

A request to create a new position or re-classify a position should be conducted through procedures established by the College below. Prior to recruitment and appointment, each position must be properly classified as noted above in coordination with the Office of Human Resources.

II. Reason for Policy

The programs and services delivered by Onondaga Community College are complex, varied, and constantly evolving. The College strives to maintain a sound employee classification and pay plans that allow for effective management of the College’s enterprises and that are internally equitable, externally competitive, and sensitive to market conditions.

III. Applicability of the Policy

All members of the College community should be familiar with this policy.

IV. Related Documents

  • New York State Civil Service Law, §§2, 22, 35, 115
  • New York State Education Department Regulations, 8 NYCRR Part 604.3
  • Strategic Plan, Onondaga Community College

V. Contacts

Subject Office Name Title or Position Telephone Number Email/URL
Questions regarding policy Human Resources Vice President, Human Resources (315) 498-2516 [email protected]

V. Definitions

Term Definition
Classification (also, Position Classification, Classify, Reclassify, Reclassification) A grouping together, under common and descriptive titles, of positions that are substantially similar in the essential character and scope of their duties and responsibilities and in the qualification requirements therefore (New York State Civil Service Law §2)
Professional Service Positions in community colleges in the professional service as defined by New York State Education Law §6306 whose principal functions are teaching or the supervision of teaching in addition to academic administration, student activities, student personnel services, and other professions required to carry on the work of the community colleges. 

New York State Civil Service Law §35 authorizes community college boards of trustees to designate positions as professional service subject to the final approval by the SUNY Chancellor.
Classified Service All offices and positions designated as either in the exempt class, non-competitive class, labor class, and competitive class (New York State Civil Service Law §40). At a community college, most positions are in the competitive class where appointments and promotions are based on candidates’ performance in a competitive examination. 

New York State Civil Service Law §17 authorizes the Onondaga County Department of Personnel to classify Onondaga Community College positions designated in the Classified Service

VII. Procedures

Requests to create a new position title or re-classify a current position title at the College must be initiated as follows:

  1. For “Classified Service” titles, the Administrative Department Head or Academic Department Chair must complete a statement of duties utilizing either a New Position DutiesStatement or an Onondaga County Job Analysis Questionnaire.
  2. For “Professional Services” titles, the Administrative Department Head must complete the OnondagaCommunity College Job Analysis Questionnaire.
  3. Completed questionnaires must be first submitted to the Assistant or Associate Vice President, if applicable, and ultimately the Vice President responsible for administration of that department. The Vice President reviews (and consults with Senior Vice President, if applicable) and, if accepted, transmits the aforementioned forms and any applicable supporting documents or data to the Office of Human Resources.
  4. The Office of Human Resources shall review the submission in accordance with College policies, guidelines and collective bargaining agreements, as applicable, and:
    • For professional service titles, will review questionnaires and documentation to recommend appropriate classification or reclassification of the position, including allocating and reallocating the position to an appropriate job group and/or starting salary range, if applicable.
    • For classified service titles, will review questionnaires and documentation to recommend appropriate classification or request for reclassification of the position and, where necessary, submit this data to the Onondaga County Department of Personnel for determination and allocation to an appropriate salary grade.
  5. Final recommended determinations under 4a. or 4b. above will be communicated to the applicable Vice President for final submission and approval of the President. Where applicable, positions are then submitted for approval by the Board of Trustees.
  6. Upon completion of the classification and compensation process, if a search is to be conducted, then the responsible Hiring Manager will initiate the requisition through the College’s current on-line recruiting tool, PeopleAdmin.

VIII. Forms/Online Processes

Approved by President June 6, 2006

Updated and approved by the President April 16, 2012

Updated and approved by the President April 14, 2014