Policy B9
Policy Name: Records Retention Requirements
Responsibility for Maintenance: Office of the President

Date of most recent changes: April 16, 2012

I. Policy Statement  

Onondaga Community College will retain records created in the course of its activities for the periods set forth in this policy.

II. Reason for Policy  

This policy is intended to:

  • ensure that records are retained as long as needed for administrative, legal and fiscal purposes;
  • ensure that state and federal record retention requirements and guidelines are met (including without limitation applicable provisions of the New York State Archives and Records Administration Records Retention and Disposition Schedule CO-2);
  • ensure that record series with enduring historical and other research value are identified and retained permanently; and
  • encourage and facilitate the systematic disposal of unneeded records.

III. Applicability of the Policy  

This policy applies to all departments of the College that maintain any of the types of records as set forth within the SARA Records Retention Schedule. This policy should be reviewed by all College personnel having custody of, or responsibility for, the types of records described within the SARA Records Retention Schedule.

IV. Related Documents  

V. Contacts  


Office Name

Telephone Number


General Information Regarding Record Retention Requirements

Office of the President

(315) 498-2214

[email protected]  

VI. Definitions  




The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as amended.


The New York State Archives and Records Administration

VII. Procedures  

Records will be retained by the College in accordance with the SARA Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. Except where indicated to the contrary, retention periods run from the date of completion of the record. The retention periods pertain to the information contained in records, regardless of physical form or characteristic (paper, microfilm, computer disk or tape, or other medium).


Approved by OCC Board of Trustees April 3, 2006

Updated and approved by the President April 16, 2012