Policy B2
Policy Name: Strategic Planning
Responsibility for Maintenance: Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research

Date of most recent changes: January 25, 2010

I. Policy Statement  

Onondaga Community College will engage in an ongoing strategic planning process in accordance with the requirements set forth in this policy.

II. Reason for Policy  

An active long range strategic planning process is critical to the success of any organization. This policy sets forth Onondaga Community College’s commitment to a continuous and effective long range strategic planning process.

III. Applicability of the Policy  

All Stakeholders having the right to provide input on the College’s Strategic Plan should be familiar with this policy. These include:

  • Onondaga Community College employees (full-time and part-time);
  • Onondaga Community College students (full-time and part-time);
  • Board members (trustees, foundation, alumni, and curriculum advisory); and
  • Community leaders (including the chair of the Onondaga County Legislature, chairs of legislative committees, and Onondaga County executive staff).

IV. Related Documents  


V. Contacts  


Office Name

Title or Position

Telephone Number


Submission of Suggested Revisions to Strategic Plan

Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research

Chief Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research Officer

(315) 498-2500

[email protected]  

VI. Definitions  




See Section III, above for list of College stakeholders

VII. Procedures  

Stakeholders are encouraged to continually review the College’s Strategic Plan, considering whether specific revisions to the Strategic Plan may be warranted within their respective areas of responsibility or concern, and to submit suggested revisions for review. Any Stakeholder desiring to recommend revisions to the Strategic Plan should submit his/her proposed revisions to the Office of the President (see Section V, above, for contact information). The President will consider proposed revisions to the Strategic Plan and will submit to the Board of Trustees those revisions s/he deems advisable. The Board of Trustees will consider any revisions to the Strategic Plan for approval at its November meeting each year.


Approved by OCC Board of Trustees April 3, 2006

Updated and approved by the President January 25, 2010