Help with Writing

Note: The last day of tutoring is always the last day of regularly scheduled classes.

The Writing Skills Center works on the premise that writers develop over the entire human lifespan, and all writers from student novices to practiced professionals can benefit from conversation with and advice from other writers. The Center serves as a resource for anyone in the college community who is interested in becoming a more competent and confident writer.

Locate/contact the Writing Skills Center 

The Center is staffed by experienced professional tutors; most also teach English courses. Through years of honing their abilities in classrooms and writing centers, and through ongoing professional development, our tutors have become highly adept at working with writers at all points in their growth, and at every stage of the writing process. We offer two distinct kinds of services for students-one-to-one tutoring and NightWriter.



One-to-One is the time-tested, tried-and-true approach in which one student meets with one tutor, usually for one hour per week during the entire semester. Students may visit the Center to sign up for regular appointments or to secure time for short-term assistance with specific projects (no referral needed). 



NightWriter combines technology with evening hours to provide nighttime help with writing. Students email their questions, and sometimes their writing-in-progress, to

Email questions can be submitted by sending them to Email received between 9:00 p.m. and midnight, Sunday through Thursday, receives near-immediate response. Questions emailed during hours when NightWriter is closed will be responded to by the tutor on call when NightWriter next opens.

What others are saying:

“As a first-time college student at the age of 47, it's been many years since I had to write a paper and I was very out of practice.  Not only was the response from NightWriter prompt, it was detailed and specific in noting my errors. 

 I would highly recommend this service.  My English professor had high expectations and NightWriter helped me figure out what I needed to do to meet those expectations.” 

- Sheryl Wood, Humanities AA

What I found helpful with NightWriter was the ability to have my papers looked at by someone who could give me ideas and proof-read my papers with errors I couldn't catch. 

- James Waugh, Professional Communications